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18 March 2021

Industry News, Next Stage Initiative

"Next Stage" will support innovation in the opera and dance sectors by investing in transformative projects in Sustainability, Equality and Digital Transformation.

"Next Stage" is an intensive partnership between FEDORA and Opera Europa. Opera Europa is the leading service organisation for professional opera companies and opera festivals throughout Europe.

FEDORA will coordinate the fundraising effort from public and private sources, working closely with Opera Europa as the expert partner, alongside specialists in the fields of Sustainability, Equality and Digital Transformation. Following the launch of Next Stage at Opera Europa’s November 2020 conference with 30 interested companies, and further consultations in January 2021, we have together assembled a diverse group of 45 companies from 17 countries who have registered their commitment towards the initiative.


Green initiatives increasing eco-responsibility and decreasing carbon footprint

Inclusive initiatives encouraging equal access and diversity

Efficiency gains and creative opportunities through smart tech innovation

Committed Organisations

What is Next Stage?

Next Stage aims to provide financial support to help boost transformation and innovation through sustainability, equality and digital transformation to build resilience within the performing arts sector.

Who will be eligible to receive financial support?

Grants will be awarded to the organisations or groups of organisations with the most compelling projects that will help meet these objectives on, behind and beyond the stage.

What will be the first steps of the programme?

The programme will start with a centralised market study in order to understand where the industry stands in the three fields.

When will the call for applications begin?

In winter 2021 calls for applications will open for opera and dance companies to make their grant applications that will be assessed by expert committees to receive project funding.

What kind of expertise will be provided?

Throughout the year the initiative will provide professional development activities as well as peer-learning and interdisciplinary best practice sharing events for professionals who are interested in developing their skills in these three areas.


For more information, please contact:

Edilia Gänz
Director of FEDORA

Müge Naz Altay
Platform Coordinator

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