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03 April 2020

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The Karajan Music Tech Online Conference will take place online on Friday April 3rd. If you are an artist, music startup, streaming service, classical music festival, web & communications agency or simply a creative mind then you should attend this conference.

This event is a great opportunity to connect you and your business with the future of music entertainment. Register here for free and get the chance to attend conferences such as "Digitizing Scores: unlocking the Classics", "Cultural Institutions, Ecology and Urbanism: Where Are We Headed?", "Composing with AI", and many more exciting topics.

In the course of the conference, our expert partner IMZ International Music + Media Centre will host an IMZ Academy Session on the topic of "Innovation and Creativity - digital in the performing arts". Mr Peter Maniura, Director of the IMZ Academy and Chair of the Jury of the FEDORA Digital Prize, and Katharina Jeschke, IMZ Secretary General and Jury member of the FEDORA Digital Prize, will present the nominees of the first edition of the FEDORA Digital Prize. 

The FEDORA Digital Prize is supported by Kearney and encourages digital innovation on and beyond the stage.

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20 November 2020

Register for IMZ Academy 2020 online on December 3rd by our expert partner IMZ International Music + Media Centre and meet with leading experts who will explore how the music education of the future could integrate the media skills training into its syllabus to prepare students effectively for the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital world.

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Relief Funds

19 June 2020

The aftermath of Covid-19 is threatening the sustainability of the performing arts. While performances are cancelled, we are all able to help. Some of our members have put in place emergency funds which allow you to support artists and the continuation of their activities.

Lets come together in solidarity and support the future of opera and ballet!

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