Impressions of FEDORA's General Assembly 2021

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15 December 2021

FEDORA's Activities

"We wish to thank the entire FEDORA community for the solidarity and
collaborative spirit over the past year as the pandemic raged on. 
Our cultural and philanthropic network has proven itself to
be robust and adaptable.

Jérôme-François Zieseniss
President of FEDORA  

On 15 December, FEDORA held its General Assembly online. This digital event opened by FEDORA's President, Jérôme-François Zieseniss, gathered the members of our network.

FEDORA's past and planned activities and finances were presented by Jean-Yves Kaced (Secretary General), Carl de Poncins (Treasurer), Edilia Gänz (Director), and the audit report was delivered by Agnès Piniot, President of Cabinet Ledouble.

The event was concluded with a panel discussion about "How to build a sustainable, inclusive and digitally transformed future" gathering some of our corporate members and moderated by the FEDORA Team. 

New European Bauhaus

We were honoured to host a welcoming address by Xavier Troussard, Head of the New European Bauhaus Unit at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.

FEDORA is proud to have been selected as an official partner of the New European Bauhaus Initiative (NEB). The NEB is a design lab, accelerator and network with the aim of building a sustainable future through creativity, innovation and imagination.

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Board member elections

The Assembly reelected Jérôme-François Zieseniss, Clotilde Corsini and Jean-Yves Kaced as Board Members.

Moreover, the members of FEDORA elected Dr Hans Peter Leube, Lead Partner at the international law firm Bird & Bird, FEDORA's legal pro-bono partner, as new Board Member.

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Looking forward 

 The FEDORA Prizes will evolve into a Biennale to support artistic projects more closely and during a longer period of time.

In addition, FEDORA will extend the support to innovation on stage to behind and beyond the stage. To achieve this goal we launched the Next Stage initiative in collaboration with Opera Europa. Over the summer the global management consulting firm Kearney conducted a market study on a pro-bono basis presented by Dr. Kai Engel, Partner and Managing Director Germany at Kearney.

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Panel Discussion: "Voices of philanthropists"

The conclusion of the General Assembly was dedicated to a panel discussion on the topic of "Voices of Philanthropists: How to build a sustainable, inclusive and digitally transformed future?". This discussion gathered some of our corporate members who shared with us their experiences and learning in these areas:

- Elisabeth Gigler, Chief Operating Officer, AVL Cultural Foundation

- Mathieu Lerebours, Regional Marketing Manager, Drooms

- Frédérique Genton, Managing Partner, Exec Avenue

- Hannes Tronsberg, Founder & Chief Executing Officer, future demand

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