Happy International Women's day!

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08 March 2021

Industry News

Happy International Women’s Day! On this day, we celebrate empowered female creators from all across the world. Be inspired by these discussions with the women behind the winning projects of the FEDORA Prizes.

Sharon Eyal, Choreographer - “Love Chapter 2”

Sharon Eyal was born in Jerusalem. She danced with the Batsheva Dance Company between 1990-2008 and started choreographing within the framework of the company’s Batsheva Dancers Create project. Eyal served as associate Artistic Director for Batsheva between 2003-2004, and as a House Choreographer for the company between 2005-2012. During 2009 Eyal began creating pieces for other dance companies around the world. In 2013 Eyal launched L-E-V with her long-time collaborator Gai Behar. In 2017, she choreographed the piece “Love Chapter 2”, winner of the third edition of the FEDORA - VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Prize for Ballet.

I think whatever desires and expressions that you have are important. If it’s not dance or something, you do what you love to do, you know you connect to people with whom you feel something together, or you can trust them. And I think when somebody’s doing something honest and deep, people can feel it.

In conversation with Sharon Eyal

Be inspired by our discussion with Choreographer, Sharon Eyal about her creations, her art forms and her inspirations.

Love Chapter 2
"Love Chapter 2" is the second episode of the ongoing creation called "Love Cycle", made by Sharon Eyal uniquely for her company.

Laila Soliman, Stage Director & Bushra El-Turk, Composer - “ Woman at Point Zero”

Laila Soliman is an independent Egyptian theater director and screenwriter who lives and works in Cairo. She studied at the German School and the American University in Cairo and obtained a Master's degree in Dramatic Arts from the Dasarts (AHK) in Amsterdam. Her work has been presented mainly in Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria and Europe. The opera “Woman at Point Zero” led by LOD muziektheater marks her first experience as stage director for an opera; this piece was awarded with the FEDORA - GENERALI Prize for Opera 2020.

When interested in issues such as discrimination and feminism you are being shoved into the corner which is the same that happens with a lot of marginalized people in society. And theoretically in 2020 we shouldn’t be marginalized, it should be an inherent part of what’s being addressed.

Born in London, Bushra El-Turk has written over 50 works for the concert hall, the stage, film, TV and live art performance. Her work is often defined by the integration of musics and musicians from different cultural traditions, and the compulsion to highlight and challenge socio-cultural issues. Her works blur written and improvisational elements, forebearing the influence of her Lebanese roots all the while leaning towards the theatrical, creating works that are '...ironic...', '...arresting...' and of 'limitless imagination'. She is the composer of the opera “Woman at Point Zero”, winner of the FEDORA - GENERALI Prize for Opera 2020.

I find the inspiration to compose mainly from extra musical things that matter to me that I want to give voice to, from the concepts that intrigue me to translate them into musical form, my childhood, womanhood, motherhood and possibly being of middle eastern heritage and all the weight of all these aspects that I carry with me.

Meet The Creators of "Woman at Point Zero"

Be inspired by our interview with Librettist, Laila Soliman and Composer, Bushra El-Turk about "Woman at Point Zero", their inspirations and the challenges of being a female creator.

Woman at Point Zero

"Woman at Point Zero" is a new opera that addresses themes and questions that are burningly urgent. This production pays tribute to women around the world who speak out loud and publicly against violence and oppression.

Paula Vesala, Dramaturge - “Laila - Immersive Installation”

Paula Julia Vesala is a Finnish singer-songwriter, actress and playwright. She was one of the two lead singers and lyricist of the pop rock duo PMMP with Mira Luoti . Her solo career started in 2015 under the stage name "Vesala". She was the Dramaturge of the “Laila - Immersive Installation” winner of the first edition of the FEDORA Digital Prize 2020.

If you should rebuild opera, you can’t rip it down more than we’ve done it. It’s missing all of the traditions of opera. It’s missing the persons on stage, the conductor, you don’t sit, you’re not a member of the audience who has a comfortable bench. You’re actually going into the experience and it’s evolving with you.

Interview of the artistic team of "Laila"

Watch as Paula and the artistic team of "Laila - Immersive Installation" present the essence of this innovative project (00.58).

Laila - Immersive Installation
Laila invites the audience to shape her reality and the world of the future together with artificial intelligence. She challenges us to encounter our hopes, fears and anxieties related to technology and the unknown tomorrow.

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