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22 February 2021

FEDORA's Philanthropists

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Creating meaning, connection and value through coaching, training and counseling.  

United in the desire to build a better world through empathy, creativity and inclusive leadership, FEDORA is proud to have the support of Variations International as one of its corporate partners.

“The future of organizations rests on their ability to develop collective intelligence and leadership at all levels”

The mission of Variations International is to contribute to inventing and developing organisations, both humanly and economically by helping managers and leaders to develop their leadership and build strong, adaptive organizations.

In this spirit, Variations International in partnership with FEDORA provided pro-bono coachings for professionals of Opera Houses through Europe during the covid pandemic.

Variations International's expertise covers three areas :

Accompanying the human side of changes: Variations International provide the coaching, training expertise to help teams, managers, and leaders to succeed in their transformation process. This approach is characterized by strong bond with its executive contacts and constant attention to the economic and human relevance of its actions in order to create economic and human value.

Developing leadership skills: for nearly 15 years, Variations International has been teaching leadership skills for HEC Paris Executive MBA’s and Executive education programs. Its team is conducting research on the adaptation of leadership to the current context of organizations: the contribution of situational intelligence to leadership, the development of adaptative leadership in a complex environment, how to lead change, and more recently the development of meaningful and responsible leadership programs.

Training professional coaches and developing coaching skills for leaders: Activision Coaching Institute (ACI), part of the Variations International group, trains coaches and leaders around the world. Accredited by the International Coaching Federation, the largest world coaching association, ACI provides certification programs for professional coaches and coaching skills for leaders and managers.  

In response to the needs of our clients, Variations International is developing new activities:

  • Welead Coaching, in association with ShareCoach to provide international companies with senior coaches, specialists in leadership functions and fluent in local language

  • Welead Grow, an eLearning platform to provide enhanced coaching solutions.

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Inventing and developing humanly and economically relevant organisations.

Discover Activision Coaching Institute's website

The Activision Coaching teaching team is made up of coaches experienced in supporting managers, supervisors and their teams.     

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