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11 March 2020

Paris / France

FEDORA's Philanthropists

Our community of opera and ballet encourages solidarity and hope in these uncertain times. Yet, it requires society’s support to sustain these art forms that inspire and uplift our spirits. We would like to introduce you to our Ambassadors who are committed to supporting the future of opera and ballet.

We had the chance to sit down and talk with the Cultural Manager and COO of the AVL Cultural Foundation, Dr. Elisabeth Gigler. The AVL Cultural Foundation is a corporate member of FEDORA since 2018 and  dedicated to facilitating a dialogue across art, science, and technology.

FEDORA creates a network between individuals, corporations, and cultural organizations in order to encourage a sustainable ecosystem between the cultural and economic sectors to guarantee the future of opera and ballet. 

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Sylvie Matz - FEDORA Ambassadors

FEDORA's Philanthropists

FEDORA Ambassadors - Sylvie Matz

20 April 2020

Paris / France

Encouraging exposure to the arts at an early age can be life changing.
FEDORA’s major donor Sylvie Matz shared her views about the importance of making the art forms of opera and ballet accessible to young people in an interview as part of the FEDORA Ambassadors series.
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Maaike Bosch - FEDORA Ambassadors - MANGOPAY

FEDORA's Philanthropists


25 May 2020

Online giving allows innovative and artistic projects to reach out to a larger and wider audience, while providing the possibility for the general public to contribute to the creation process and to be part of an intercultural dialogue.

We had the chance to speak with Maaike Bosch, Chief Marketing Officer of MANGOPAY, who shared her thoughts on the potential of digital tools as a vehicle for creativity and innovation.

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Carl de Poncins

FEDORA's Philanthropists

FEDORA Ambassadors - Carl de Poncins

08 May 2020

Paris / France

We had a conversation with one of our donors Carl de Poncins, who shared his thoughts on how digital innovation can help make opera and ballet more accessible.
Carl de Poncins is the co-founder and the CEO of Panthea, the leading European provider of surtitling solutions in theaters, opera houses, and festivals.

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