Update about FEDORA Opera Prize 2020 Nominee - "Upload"

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24 March 2022


FEDORA Prizes, Nominee


Dutch National Opera (Netherlands)

Nominee of the FEDORA - GENERALI Prize for Opera 2020

The Opera “Upload”, composed by Michel van der Aa and led by Dutch National Opera premiered on July 29th at the Bregenz Festival. This new creation tells the story of a father, who suffers a severe trauma, and a daughter. The father decides to live forever through an “upload”, a digital version of himself. A utopia for some; it means we can exist forever and that our loved ones would never have to miss us. But what are the consequences for our humanity, our identity and for our relationships?  

In October 2021, “Upload” was performed in Dutch National Opera & Ballet. In total over 3,700 tickets were sold for 5 mesmerising performances.  


In the Press

“A masterly weaving of music, film and motion-capture technology..”
The New York Times - October 2021

“Refinement and technology reach new heights in ‘Upload’.”
NRC - October 2021

“Unimaginably stunning beauty!”
Het Parool - October 2021


Check out where “Upload” will be performed next and book you tickets!


  “Upload” is now available to be streamed online by audiences on Medici.tv.  


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