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03 December 2020

FEDORA's Activities

"On behalf of the Board of Directors of FEDORA, I am pleased to inform you that on the occasion of this year’s General Assembly, on November 18th, the members of our organisations elected Dr. Kai Engel, Partner and MD Germany at Kearney, and Mr Carl de Poncins, President and co-founder of Panthea, as new Board members. We warmly welcome them and believe that their commitment and participation are a great opportunity for FEDORA.”

Jérôme-François Zieseniss
President of FEDORA 

Dr. Kai Engel
Dr. Kai Engel is Partner and MD Germany at Kearney. He is an operations transformation expert with a strong spike in innovation management. Based in Düsseldorf, Germany, Kai has over 30 years of industry and consulting experience. His clients benefit from leading-edge innovation management approaches, advanced analytics capabilities and the in-depth experiences of successful value chain transformations of large corporates or SME businesses. Kai is active on several boards of smaller firms, advisor to the World Economic Forum and venture funds. Since this year Kearney is the partner of the FEDORA Digital Prize. Kai has been as a person a valuable promoter in developing the idea of that prize since the beginning.
Discover the FEDORA Digital Prize with this video.

Carl de Poncins
After a degree from Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and ten years of management experience in the industry, Carl de Poncins combined his passion for innovation and performing arts to develop new paths for cultural exchange. In 2014, he co-founded Panthea, a Franco-German start-up that has turned into the European leader in live surtitling for theatres, operas and festivals. Together with his team, Carl develops innovative solutions to help open theatres and opera houses to a wide audience while overcoming language barriers and hearing disabilities. Panthea also operates the ticketing website dedicated to offering international audiences a selection of high-quality shows in Paris. In 2017, the German-French Chamber of Commerce distinguished their efforts with the "German-French Prize of the Cultural and Creative Industries".
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