The Art of Sustainable Innovation

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15 December 2023

Next Stage Initiative

In a conversation with ESCP’s “The Choice”, FEDORA's Director, Edilia Gänz, discussed the role and the challenges of creativity, sustainability, project longevity and financial feasibility in the performing arts sector. The article also featured Hannu Järvensivu, the “XR Stage” Project Manager at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet.

"XR Stage" is the Next Stage Grants Recipient 2022, for creating a “digital twin” of the stage and theater. “XR Stage” is now a “platform capable of simulating entire productions, visualizing set changes and crafting lighting scenarios up to a year in advance. The advanced technology not only enhances efficiency but also promotes sustainability.”

Despite challenges that institutions and opera houses face, they are committed to integrating sustainability within their activities and businesses. In line with this commitment, the "Next Stage" initiative allocates funds to support transformative projects addressing sustainability, inclusivity, and digital transformation on, behind, and beyond the stage.

Other topics discussed include:

  • Sustainable innovation put into action in opera and ballet

  • Evaluating carbon footprints and overcoming related obstacles

  • Opera houses acting as ambassadors for change to inspire other industries with their innovative approaches to reducing their carbon footprint and increasing their positive environmental impact

We thank ESCP Business School, especially Emily Olyarchuk and Seb Murray for this collaboration.

The Art of Sustainable Innovation
Over the past three years, the Finnish National Opera and Ballet in Helsinki has embarked on a novel project that is increasing creativity and sustainability in the performing arts. This initiative has not only transformed the production of iconic operas and ballets, including Don Giovanni, Carmen and Messa da Requiem, but it is also setting a powerful example for institutions across the cultural and economic spectrum seeking to enhance environmental sustainability and resource efficiency.  

Next Stage Grants
In 2021, FEDORA and Opera Europa launched the Next Stage Initiative to trigger change and recovery in the opera and dance sector. This initiative provides financial support and skills development to boost innovation through sustainability, inclusivity, and digital transformation.


Support sustainable innovation in opera and dance

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