Staastoper Hannover Roadshow 2022

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20 June 2022

Hannover / Germany

Platform Members, Roadshow

sound:waves Festival

Staatsoper Hannover started the sound:waves festival to invite people with and without disabilities - regardless of age, origin, socio-economic background and educational biography - to a collective creative process. 

sound:waves gives room to people of all levels of bodily and cognitive ability to explore sound and its vibrations by building and playing fantastical, non-classical instruments and fixing them within the installation. While some of these instruments are readymade, repurposed or found, others are made of recycled trash. In building, participants are encouraged to make music with everyday items. In playing, they are encouraged to discover musicality within themselves.

In the week of 20 - 25.06.2022 the first iteration of sound:waves took place at Rathenauplatz in Hannover. sound:waves reached approximately 3,500 participants in its first week. 

Find more about the festival here.


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