Opéra Orchestre national de Montpellier Roadshow 2023

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14 April 2023

Montpellier / France

Platform Members, Roadshow

Crowd Out

Let's imagine 1000 singers and 1000 spectators, spread out on the stage, in the orchestra, or on the different balconies of the Berlioz Opera House, one of the stages of Opéra Orchestre national de Montpellier. Here, the absence of artifice allows us to build a collective experience. We question the social conventions of the opera and transform it into a large public square.

David Lang, composer, imagined a piece for a thousand voices, singing or speaking. This powerful work, did not require any other dramatic elements, according to its stage director, Dimitri Chamblas. While the first performances of the piece took place in public squares and shopping centres, Dimitri Chamblas wanted it to also be staged in a theatre. Beyond producing a voice, Dimitri Chamblas considers that a singer is first and foremost a physical presence, his or her voice being a territory to be choreographed.

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