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19 May 2023

Rotterdam / Netherlands

Platform Members, Roadshow

O. Conference: Opera. Music. Theatre. And Technology

On 19 and 20 May 2023, O. Festival for Opera. Music. Theatre. organised a conference on performing arts and technology, in collaboration with V2_.

This conference aimed at presenting the innovations and new productions using technology in their performances. Leading artists from all over the world were able to present their works which are at the intersection of voice and tech: synergetic light installation, experimental sound practitioners, VR and more.

During this conference, the following projects were presented:

  • Re-imagining opera, a piece by Stephanie Pan, Ji Youn Kang, Lynn Cassiers, Marc Alberto, Floris van Bergeijk and Stelios Manousakis. When noise, techno, post-punk and improvisation meet opera, the notion of opera is redefined from an unexpected perspective, casting a radical and irreverent eye on established ideas.

  • Unlocked, by singer and producer Chagall. This audiovisual live show presents a whole new perspective on pop music, visual arts and choreography.

  • O. Lab: The Saga of sage by Robin Coops and Avinash Changa. In this piece, music, theatre and gamification come together while the audience gets to experience a mixed-reality performance exploring the idea of “home”.

Other artists such as Leon Rogissart, Paul Boereboom, Jasna Rok Labs, Anaïs Borie, Agora and V2 were also able to present their projects during this conference.

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