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01 March 2023

Next Stage Initiative

Capacity-Building Workshop on Sustainability

Sustainable changes in the sector start with setting a common ground of understanding for all stakeholders, whether on inclusivity, sustainability or digital transformation.

On 13 September and on 6 October, FEDORA held two complementary workshops in collaboration with its expert partner CO2logic respectively on “Understanding climate change and carbon footprinting in opera and ballet” and “Reducing greenhouse gas emissions & setting targets''

The first session aimed at putting all participants on the same page regarding climate change, and the impact of human activities on the environment. This presentation was followed by an activity where the emissions and carbon footprint of an opera house. After a presentation of the main carbon emission categories and the means of measuring it, participants were invited to reflect on their own daily practices and emissions. This self-reflection moment was the first step towards setting targets regarding their organisation and work, and how personally they can lower emissions. 

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