Next Stage Capacity - Building Workshop on Inclusion & Leadership

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23 May 2024

Next Stage Initiative

Next Stage Capacity - Building Workshop on Inclusion and Leadership

On 30 May & 13 June (10:00 to 13:00 CET), FEDORA will hold two workshops in collaboration with BPI Learn - Performance Institute.

These workshops aim to raise participants' awareness of the challenges related to inclusion and leadership, incorporating their personal experiences. The objective is to develop a set of tools by analyzing successful inclusion initiatives and identifying immediate opportunities to enhance inclusion within your organization.

They are dedicated to emerging artists and creatives within opera and dance companies, including but not limited to stage directors, designers, sound designers, composers, performers, digital creatives, videographers, producers and project managers.

Programme information:

30 May 2024 (10:00 to 13:00 CET):

  • Introduction and framing the workshop: sharing the workshop’s objectives, get to know everyone and set a vision for this year’s focus topic being “Creating an Inclusive Environment”

  • Lighthouse initiatives exploration: exploring two case studies in an interactive way and extracting key challenges and takeaways in creating an inclusive environment.

  • Identify the non-audience: envision different “non-audiences” for the performing arts and build empathy for the reasons each non-audience may feel excluded.

13 June 2024 (10:00 to 13:00 CET):

  • Fireside chat with industry experts: exploring lighthouse initiatives where an inclusive environment was created and taking away valuable practices from industry experts in creating an inclusive environment.

  • Peer coaching: extracting how to boost inclusivity at own organisation, leveraging best practices & expert advice

  • Breaking barriers in art: utilising the cases from the previous session, participants will identify primary barriers impending specific individuals from thriving in the arts and then identify how to break down these barriers and create inclusivity.

Industry expert speakers:

  • Hannah Griffiths, General Manager of the Birmingham Opera Company

  • Tobiasz Sebastian Berg, choreographer, and winner of the FEDORA Audience Award for "Swans vol. 2" in 2023 (project led by Poznań Opera House)

  • Vania Cauzillo, chairperson of RESEO, expert partner of the FEDORA Education Prize

If you are an organisational member of FEDORA and working on inclusion in your organisation, you can register now for the workshops here.  


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