Next Stage Capacity-Building Workshop on Digital Transformation

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27 April 2023


Next Stage Initiative

Next Stage - Digital Transformation

Next Stage Capacity-Building Workshop on Digital Transformation

"Creating Value In The Performing Arts Through Digital Innovation"

On 19 & 26 April 2023, FEDORA held two workshops in collaboration with our Expert Partner IMZ - International Music + Media Centre, to tackle the Challenges and Opportunities brought forth by creative digital transformation.

On this occasion, the participants had the opportunity to learn more about what constitutes “value” in the digital realm for the Performing Arts: generating revenue, developing audiences, engagement with communities, innovation, inclusion or a combination of these and other values? These questions assume new urgency in light of the Covid 19 pandemic’s impact on live performances. Opera and dance companies have to reassess how they will create and deliver new work to audiences in the future.

Together they looked at case studies from a range of institutions and creative artists in order to understand the complex but exciting range of opportunities which are made possible by defining and understanding the value chain of a project.

These workshops are dedicated to emerging artists and creatives within opera and dance companies, including but not limited to stage directors, designers, sound designers, composers, performers, digital creatives, videographers, producers and project managers.

19 APRIL 2023

  • Introductory presentation on “Creating Value through Digital Transformation” by Peter Maniura, Director of the IMZ Academy

  • Keynote Lecture + Q&A: “The value of community or: how to measure success when your usual metrics don’t apply anymore” by Tina Lorenz, Project Manager at Staatstheater Augsburg - Digital formats – more often than not – don’t employ standard audience reception practices, making the decision whether a format is a success a different matter. The State Theatre of Augsburg is approaching digital theatre in a variety of ways – with each new endeavour, we have to define what success looks like anew.

  • Presentation + Q&A: “Digitalization - the game changer to create, capture and deliver value” by Katharina Moll, Manager at Kearney – In this session, Katharina Moll Kearney shared insights on how to strategically think about digitalization on, behind and beyond the stage. The discussion was designed to enhance our perspective on how to leverage digitisation in our fields of work.

26 APRIL 2023

  • Introduction by Edilia Gänz, Director of FEDORA and Katharina Jeschke, IMZ Secretary General

  • Lecture I + Q&A: “Sound Voice” by Hannah Conway, Composer and Artistic Director at Sound Voice - Hannah Conway presented “Sound Voice”, a project where opera is combined with biomedical product development to grant a new voice to those who suffer from voice loss, showcasing the many ways her project redefines the notion of a digital project’s value.

  • Lecture II + Q&A: “Squeeze Every Drop” by Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt, with Nike van Schie, BalletBoyz – Directors and filmmakers Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt described their journey from classical ballet dancers to creating a symbiotic stage and screen presence through their company BalletBoyz.

  • Workshop Challenge: Participants were invited to split into smaller groups and devise a digitally-led project. At the core of this exercise was the identification of key issues/decisions, the definition of the target audience, potential partners with in order to achieve, costs, technology and what success looks like in terms of value.   

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