In conversation with Jérôme François Zieseniss & Edilia Gänz

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12 May 2023

Paris / France

10-Year Anniversary, FEDORA's Activities

FEDORA's 10-year anniversary

Looking Back on 10 Years of Impact

This year, FEDORA celebrates 10 years of impact, renewal, and change in the opera and dance sector. On this special occasion, discover an exclusive interview of our President and our Director, Jérôme-François Zieseniss and Edilia Gänz. Learn more about the impact that we have achieved together with our cultural and philanthropic community since 2013.

Over the last decade, FEDORA has been contributing to the emergence of innovative and collaborative artistic works
that encourage intercultural dialogue, social inclusion, digital innovation, audience renewal and the development of
new funding models for opera and dance.

Jérôme-François Zieseniss
President of FEDORA

Our community shares the responsibility to build a more sustainable, inclusive and digitally transformed future.
Edilia Gänz
Director of FEDORA

Translating emotions into data

To celebrate FEDORA’s 10 years, Landor & Fitch, the world's largest specialist brand and design group, developed a new visual identity. A generative artificial intelligence has been fed with the winning works of the FEDORA Prizes to create visual representations specific to each of them. Those white circles embody the many emotions conveyed by all the winners of the FEDORA Prizes and illustrate their innovative spirit.   

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