Finnish National Opera and Ballet Visibility Campaign 2023

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06 September 2023

Helsinki / Finland

Experience Opera and Ballet Online, Platform Members, Roadshow

XR Stage: A New Era in Designing for the Stage

Developed by Finnish National Opera and Ballet, XR Stage is set to transform the world of stage design. This groundbreaking virtual design tool for large-scale stage productions empowers artistic teams to create photorealistic digital twins of any stage set, providing time for testing and experimenting from proof-of-concept onwards.

Beyond streamlining production design, XR Stage opens the door to find ways to enhance the audience experience and deliver maximum operational safety.

The XR Stage project is one of the recipients of the FEDORA Next Stage Grants 2022, which financially support projects that help create new industry standards and opportunities. Find out more about the Next Stage initiative here.

Discover more about the XR Stage project on the dedicated website page of Finnish National Opera and Ballet here

Thanks to the Next Stage Grants, Stara Zagora State Opera could develop their virtual stage with Finnish National Opera & Ballet, discover below. 


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