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16 April 2021

FEDORA's Philanthropists

Discover Vialma - 

The streaming service that makes you travel through history 

FEDORA is pleased to introduce its partnership with Vialma, the online platform that creates meaningful and enriches musical experiences which everybody can enjoy, share and keep.

Whether you are a musician, expert, amateur or beginner, engage your mind as well as your ears and discover a service that brings together a community of music enthusiasts.“

Vialma is an online platform that prizes human experience over ordinary experience. With the Vialma subscription, you will have the chance of exploring classical music in multiple formats! Watch videos, listen to playlists, find great music and feed. Their playlists are hand made by music experts to take subscribers on a thematic journey through time and to enhance their mood. Moreover, Vialma offers the possibility to feed your curiosity by bringing you face to face with classical composers and the history behind their works with articles and podcasts. Besides, the new video service will let you discover the most spectacular concerts, operas, and ballets.

Explore the world of FEDORA with Vialma!

FEDORA is happy to introduce its new partnership with Vialma. Discover our page on the Vialma platform here

Upon registration of a paid subscription after your free trial, 20% of your subscription to VIalma will go towards supporting FEDORA. You can find here the link to register on the Platform. From this moment on, by subscribing to Vialma, you will gain additional access to exclusive content from this year's FEDORA nominees . 

Moreover, Vialma is giving the possibility to watch the replays of FEDORA events here on the platform.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

sign up for a free registration on Vialma
Gain access to exclusive content from this year's nominees. Immerse yourself in the extraordinary realms of opera and ballet with curated playlists, articles, videos, and more – all hosted on Vialma!

Interested? Sign up to a free trial now!

Don't miss out the latest news of Vialma by following them on LinkedIn
Don't miss out the latest news of Vialma by following them on LinkedIn
Discover Vialma's LinkedIn

Listen. Read. Watch. Discover all the news and updates about Vialma and the wonders of classical and jazz music by following them on LikedIn.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to:

Hélène Fendt, Events and Development Coordinator

+33 (0)1 58 18 65 04



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