FEDORA Ambassadors - Sylvie Matz

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20 April 2020

Paris / France

FEDORA's Philanthropists

Encouraging exposure to the arts at an early age can be life changing. Inspiring cultural experiences can trigger creativity, social and emotional learning, and mutual respect. Our community remains committed to supporting education projects that nurture creativity through the arts in these challenging times.

FEDORA’s major donor Sylvie Matz shared her views about the importance of making these art forms accessible to young people in an interview as part of the FEDORA Ambassadors series.

Sylvie Matz is a Senior Private Equity Advisor, an Executive Coach and was an ambassador for the Education Project, Touche le Ciel, which won the FEDORA Platform Prize for Public Vote and Crowdfunding Campaign in 2019. 


Support sustainable innovation in opera and dance

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