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01 March 2024




Who can apply for the Prizes? 
Any opera house, dance company, festival, non-profit organisation or organisation entitled to receive funds working in the performing arts sector can apply. Individuals cannot apply for the Prizes.

How long does it take to prepare an application?
It depends on your own organisation’s speed of developing a project concept and gathering documents. As the application is interdisciplinary, many elements will have to be coordinated with the other departments of your institution and with external partners. We recommend that you start requesting letters of intent from your partners as early as possible, depending on the partner.
Before you start to fill in the online application form, please contact, Funding Programmes at diandra.delima@fedora-circle.com for guidance on your application.

How do I submit an application on behalf of my institution?
You can submit an application online by creating your own personal account on www.fedora-platform.com. When you start your application, the first section will ask you to fill in information about the lead company applying, your institution. If your organisation is already a member of FEDORA, you will simply have to select it in our drop-down menu, if not, we will ask you to fill in the organisation’s details and logo. Once you submit your application, you will not have the possibility to modify your application anymore. You will receive an automatic email confirming your submission with a recap PDF of your application. Please find the user guide here.

What are the technical requirements to submit an application?
You will only need a computer with stable internet access to submit your application online. We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser for a smoother user experience. Applications sent via email or mail are not accepted.


Can I start my application and continue it later?
Yes, once you start an application, you can save it as you progress by clicking on the button “Save and Next”. Please note that to click on this button and save its elements, the entire section must be filled out. To come back to your application, simply log back into the FEDORA Platform, click on “Hello YOUR NAME”, and then on “My Applications”. You will then be redirected to your account, in which you can continue or delete any application you have started. After 3 May 2024, noon, no additional documents are accepted to add to the applications.

Can I start multiple applications at the same time?
Yes, you can start as many applications as you wish, and in multiple Prize categories, if your organisation is a member of FEDORA. Learn how to become a member here.

Do we need to send an original copy of the partner’s/co-producer’s letter of intent?
Only digital copies are needed, however, the letter of intent must be on official letterhead and with the signature of the legal representative. Emails are not accepted as valid proof of partner involvement. Some elements of my application are highly confidential.

How does FEDORA deal with the confidentiality of the information submitted?
The online application system signals which elements will be featured by the comment «If shortlisted or nominated, this information will be used in FEDORA’s communications.» If your application is nominated, your project will have its page on our platform. Before this page is published on our platform, we will send it to you for validation. Some of these elements will also be featured in our press release and brochures. Any additional information featured on your application is treated with the utmost confidentiality. This application will only be shared with our expert partners, members of the jury, and our prize sponsors who all sign a confidentiality agreement before receiving your application.


Who selects the Prize Winner?
An independent jury panel selects the Prize Winner, who will receive the Prize money. This jury bases its decision solely on the application submitted during the call for applications and what the nominees submit and present in a second step. Each Prize category is composed of different jury members who are professionals and experts.

What happens if my project’s team or concept is modified after I submit my application?
If, for some reason, there is a major change, for instance in the project’s artistic team or concept, please inform us immediately by email: diandra.delima@fedora-circle.com.

What is the Crowdfunding Campaign?
Around two months, after the announcement of their nomination, the three nominated projects per category will have the opportunity to lead a Crowdfunding Campaign on the FEDORA Platform. Anyone can donate as of €5, whether as a free donation, by selecting a ‘basket’ determined by the project, or by the TGE platform, thanks to which they might be eligible to receive tax deductions.

What are the evaluation steps of the projects?
The preselection is made by FEDORA’s Expert Partners and jury chairs. This is the moment when it is checked whether the projects correspond to the eligibility criteria of the corresponding prize category. Following the first jury meeting, the jury selects 3 nominees per prize category After the crowdfunding campaign is closed, the jury reunites a second time and following auditions with the nominees, the jury selects one winner.

What is the Audience Award?
During a limited amount of time, the ‘Public Voting Phase’, the audience has the possibility of connecting on the FEDORA Platform and voting for their favourite nominated projects. The project with the most number of votes will be the recipient of the Audience Award.

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