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21 October 2022

Düsseldorf / Germany

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don't look at the jar

How does my environment judge me, how does this judgment of society affect me? How can we build a society in which we can simply be who we are? The title "don't look at the jar" is an Israeli proverb and means: Don't look at the jar but what is inside! 

Like the choreography, the music of this piece premiered at Deutsche Oper am Rhein is also an original creation. It is an arrangement of the string quintet "Wooden Elephant", commissioned by the Beethovenfest Bonn. Arranged was the only album of the young deceased artist SOPHIE. Although SOPHIE enjoyed great fame with her music, she kept her identity a secret for a long time until she came out as a trans woman.

With this album, the re-arrangement and of course the choreography, questions become apparent: "What is (my) identity anyway?" and "To what extent does my outside or what I wear influence my inside and vice versa?".

Gil Harush's choreography features a variety of associative images that oscillate between fragility, violence, and ecstasy. Again and again, dancers step out of the group and show themselves sometimes torn, sometimes self-confident and self-determined. An important element of the choreography is repetition, which creates our understanding of male and female.

Discover "don't look at the jar" through its choreographer's eyes in the interview below.


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