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21 June 2023

Athens / Greece


Go to come back

Learning & Participation Department of the Greek National Opera

Last month, the Greek National Opera presented for the third year in a row the first intercultural youth opera hub in Europe: Co-OPERAtive. Winner of the FEDORA Education Prize in 2019, Co-OPERAtive is an educational programme that strives to broaden opera’s appeal to a younger audience and boost cultural diversity and social cohesion. Every week, a mixed group of 60 young Athenians and unaccompanied refugees aged 15-17 met with artists and educators with the aim of creating their own music theatre performance.

This year, they performed Go to come back, a piece written by Nikoleta Hatzopoulou, with texts and dramaturgy by Eleni Moleski, and directed and choreographed by Christos Strinopoulos. Go to come back deals with topics about personal growth such as the quest for personal identity or the coming-of-age process. Teenagers can therefore easily relate to these topics, as they are still in the process of discovering the world and who they are.

By participating in this educational programme, teenagers can actively take part in the preparation of every step of a music theatre performance, from a first rough idea to a finalised piece being performed on the Greek National Opera Alternative Stage at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre. The fundamental goal of this programme is to have the teenagers present their own performance, pure product of what they have achieved throughout the programme with the help of artists.

This extraordinary project was also made possible thanks to the strong collaboration between the educational and creative teams, constantly exchanging ideas and striving hard to have the teenagers develop an artistic project that is their own.

Discover more about the project here.

Co-OPERAtive artistic team

Nikoleta Hatzopoulou, composer
Eleni Moleski, playwright
Christos Strinopoulos, director and choreographer
Pavlos Thanopoulos, set and costume designer
Marietta Pavlaki, lightning designer
Nikos Ziaziaris, performer
Christos Karavasilis, pianist

Co-OPERAtive was implemented in close collaboration with Kinoniko EKAV, Evropaiki Ekfrasi and ZEUXIS, and with the support of METAdrasi.


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