"Change of Plans" - Platform-K's upcoming performance

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08 March 2023

Ghent / Belgium



"Change of Plans" is a new dance piece in which the idea of ​​changeability is tested, danced, played, and exorcised. At the invitation of Platform-K, Femke Gyselinck (Choreographer at GRIP ensemble) is working for "Change of Plans" with dancers Zanne Boon and Oskar Stalpaert.

The title of the performance refers to a stanza from "My Future", a song by Billie Eilish in which she reflects on the past and looks forward with hope to what the future holds. She describes how she sees herself transforming in her imagination. In Change of Plans, the idea of ​​changeability – and the feeling that comes with it – is applied to movement language. What if your right arm takes over from your left leg? How do you change one “dance plan” and how do you change the plan of the others? And what if someone wants to change your plan?

In 2021, Platform-K was awarded the FEDORA Education Prize for its programme "Dance training for people with a disability", a unique programme providing lessons and professional opportunities to dancers with learning disabilities.

PREMIERE - 06-08 April 2023, VIERNULVIER (Ghent, BE)  

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