Bird & Bird - FEDORA's Global Legal Pro-bono Partner

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17 September 2021

Next Stage Initiative, FEDORA's Philanthropists

Bird & Bird - FEDORA's Global Legal Pro-bono Partner

Both contributing to a more sustainable future and driving innovation through digital technologies, FEDORA is proud to have Bird & Bird as a legal pro-bono partner.

Because of the company’s impressive commitment to sustainability, equality and digital transformation, we look forward to counting on their legal expertise as the performing arts sector embarks on an ambitious transformational journey.

As any business or organisation adapts and innovates, they need a partner that’s hardwired to anticipate and maximise the opportunities in change. That’s why we at Bird & Bird are proud to announce our new pro-bono collaboration with FEDORA, a brilliant organisation that shares our goal of contributing to a more sustainable future and our passion for utilising digital technology to drive innovation.”

David Kerr, CEO of Bird & Bird

Bird & Bird LLP is an international law firm which supports organisations being changed by the digital world or those leading that change. They combine exceptional legal expertise with deep industry knowledge and refreshingly creative thinking to help clients achieve their commercial goals.

With over 1,300 lawyers in 29 offices across Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and North America, they regularly organise events and share their insights about groundbreaking ideas and developments.

I have been supporting FEDORA for some years now and I am deeply fascinated about the combination of professionalism and passion the team has dedicated to furthering the development of the performing arts. Bird & Bird is passionate about making a positive difference to people’s lives and our people work together with our clients and other key stakeholders to foster and develop collaborative opportunities that, because of such collaboration, have a greater positive social impact. FEDORA shares our commitment to international collaboration, diversity and inclusion, sustainable practices and innovation so this is a natural partnership for us.”

Dr. Hans Peter Leube, Lead Partner, Bird & Bird Germany

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