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In order to guarantee the future of opera and ballet, the next generation of artists needs to be supported as advocated by Rolf Liebermann. In times of diminishing public funding, FEDORA has thus established under the presidency of Jérôme-François Zieseniss four prizes that are awarded to promising teams who collaborate on the creation of new opera or ballet co-productions, and on the involvement and education of new and young audiences.

Thanks to the fedora
platform you can now

  • Support innovation and creativity to move the art forms of opera and ballet forward

  • Be inspired by artistic creativity

  • Experience the behind the scenes

  • Get to know the choreographers, composers, librettists, stage directors, costume designers, ...

  • Discover the ecosystem of cultural organisations

  • Support emerging talent to reach the stage

Vision and mission

  • The FEDORA Platform showcases and supports excellence and renewal in the field of opera and ballet.

  • The Platform provides visibility and funding to innovative co-productions created by emerging artists that are still in the making, and education programmes.

  • Alongside nurturing European innovation and creativity, FEDORA ’s mission is to increase opera and ballet’s accessibility and reach out to a wider audience by harnessing the digital shift.

Our values



International collaboration and mobility


Project plan

  • Year 1


    — 2018

    The FEDORA Platform

    Set-up of the FEDORA Platform making innovative opera and ballet projects of excellence more visible and accessible to the general public, and to promote the involvement and interaction with younger audiences through an online voting and donating system.

  • Year 2


    — 2019

    Education Prize

    Launch of a FEDORA Education Prize awarding innovative opera and ballet education projects encouraging social integration and intercultural dialogue.

  • Year 3


    — 2020

    Digital Prize

    Launch of a FEDORA Digital Prize together with a Platform App enabling mobile donations and increased interactions with a larger audience.

  • Year 4


    — 2021

    European Onling Giving App

    Launch of an online transnational giving system in collaboration with Transnational Giving Europe that will allow simplified online cross-border donations and facilitate philanthropy across Europe

Impact and statistics

Over a four-year period, this European initiative will lead the way in advocating new funding models for the performing arts, by creating a sustainable eco-system between the cultural and economic sector and by setting up the structural, social, and economic conditions necessary to guarantee the future of the cultural heritage of opera and ballet in Europe.

The European Platform will build on the FEDORA association’s current efforts to renew and nurture the art forms of opera and ballet on an artistic and economic level. This will involve 26 Platform Members in 14 countries, with the potential to grow over time (FEDORA’s existing network consists of 95 cultural organizations in 25 countries) and will be reaching out via a major pan-European on- and offline communication and branding campaign to reach out to approx. 4 million people.

  • 13

    Innovative Projects

  • 18


  • 400


  • 64

    Cultural co-producing

  • Attended by over



  • €1.3M

    Contributed to new creations

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