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Operadagen Rotterdam

New Audiences

Each festival edition, over 80 art students (between 17 and 24 years old) representing different schools and disciplines (music, acting, visual arts), take part in the ‘Operadagen Student Expedition’. Being an interdisciplinary festival, Operadagen provides a platform for these students to meet each other and get acquainted with innovative opera and music theatre. This course consists of four days full of performances, workshops and discussions with the performing artists and with each other.

First Night at the Opera

Innovation & Creativity

Operadagen Rotterdam pushes the boundaries of opera in many ways, but also quite literally by leaving the conventional stage and venturing off into the city with co-creational productions. A good example of these ‘City Projects ’is The Ring of Resilience, a four-year project of site-specific and interactive installations and performance by director Arlon Luijten, together with a big and diverse community of Rotterdam-based citizens. 

The Ring of Resilience

Emerging Artists

Operadagen Rotterdam is widely regarded as a stepping stone for emerging artists on the (inter)national stage and young artists always form a considerable part of the festival programme. In several cases, Operadagen also operates as a producer for young artists. A good example is the Rotterdam-based collective Club Gewalt. Operating under the flag of Operadagen for multiple editions, Club Gewalt has developed into one of the most promising young music theatre ensembles within The Netherlands. 

Club Gewalt


Operadagen Rotterdam is supported by Performing Arts Fund NL and by the city of Rotterdam. Many private funds also contribute. Since 2017 a small, but no less important, group of private donors is supporting the festival financially. We are planning to develop this circle of friends and investigate the possibilities of corporate sponsoring.

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